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Reflections on Parenting - Tom Skinner

Reflections on Parenting - Tom Skinner

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Western Grebes- A Reflection on Parenting 

by Tom Skinner, Vernon BC 

This photo was taken in May in Salmon Arm, BC close to the wharf. The adult grebes are busy feeding the grebe chicks, and for the first few weeks are carrying the babies on their backs. On this particular trip I was hoping for one photo, with one baby 

grebe on an adult's back. This was a bonus. When you are taking a photo at 600mm it's sometimes hard to pick out the 

detail, until you see the image on the computer. 

I was surprised when I saw the results. The image shows the interaction between parents and their offspring and exemplifies the care and responsibility of 


  • Reflections on Parenthood - Tom Skinner

    20 x 30 fine art canvas


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